What’s BIC?

BIC  (Brazil in Chicago) News is the blog of Brazil in Chicago. BIC was founded in January, 2006 by Marcelo Jarmendia after teaching languages in Brazil and the United States for over six years, he decided to open in Chicago a school that would not only teach his native language, but also share with Chicagoans his passion for his culture. Thanks to his relations, he was able to build a network of professionals working with all aspects of Brazilian culture, allowing our students to venture into capoeira, samba, music, and Brazilian cuisine.

We are located at 2212 W. Sunnyside Ave, 1st Floor, in Lincoln Square (click here for map) – one of the coolest neighborhoods in Chicago. After four years in business and with over 1,000 students of 50 nationalities, we are now turning our successful S-Corp into a thriving Non-profit. With the help of BIC’s great staff, phenomenal Board and awesome students, we will soon build Casa de Cultura Brasileira, a new home for everyone who wants to teach and learn about Brazilian culture and Portuguese language.

Special thanks to Amanda Pinheiro, our Editor-in-Chief, and to all friends and students who collaborate with this blog, by sending us great articles they either read or wrote themselves!


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